Meh (my_window_seat) wrote,

Night Creature

There's something in the shadows
outlines within the fragrant night
there's shapes within the shallows
That limnal entry to the light

What you want
what you desire
what you would run to
through the fire

You just don't know
where it begins
You pick at locks
with broken pins

There's something in the shadows
that you would chase throughout the night
you would desecrate the hallowed
just to have it in your sights

What you need
what makes you burn
while you trace runes
but cannot learn

You look above
to find a source
You dive down deep
and find remorse

But what you want
you cannot win
there are no doors
to let you in

Which leaves you in the shadows
an echo of the night within
Your will is made of tallow
Melting, running, going dim

You know you are a shadow
prisoner of the night within
Your features growing sallow
Desaturated, greying skin

But deep within the shadows
a dawn is creeping, whispering light
If you can navigate the shallows
You may be given back your sight

There's something in the shadows
There's something in the shadows
Keep running with the shadows
You are the empty space of shadows

There's something in the shadows
Tags: lyrics, poetry, writing

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