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Welcome to My World

If you want to know where some of the people you love live and walk through and what they carry every day, here's your chance to visit.

If you haven't been there, this will seem to you like a foreign country. 

You don't have to understand.

We hope
you never really do understand.

Because those moments when our heads are far enough above water to get those breaths of air to keep going -
we fucking love you.
Because you're there
and no matter what we've been like, and to a certain extent will always be -
you stayed.

We love you.
Even when we aren't able, in that moment, to show it.

We don't wish this on you.

You don't have to get it - just as long as you, you know, get it.
*mumble mumble* never mind...

This is where we live.

And this is how we do our best to survive.

These are the heroes.

These are the ones who've seen what will never be an end to the tunnel -
but who never stop reaching for the light.

Welcome to Our World.