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Gexa energy is about to start charging an additional $5 a month base rate if I use less than 1,000 kwh.
I've gone over 1,000 kwh exactly twice in the last 2 years.  Once was when I had a fucked up air conditioner.  Once was when I wasn't home, forgot to tell the house sitter that I'd channeled all the heat into the bedroom, and she had to crank it to keep from getting frostbite in the living room.  (Sorry, Nikki!) 

I'm going call Green Mountain and see if this is an across-the-board thing that all energy companies are going to be subjecting people to because it's being passed down by ONCOR, or whether it's something coming from Gexa, in which case fuck THAT shit - I'm going back to Green Mountain.  Even if Green Mountain's per kwh is a couple cents more, I'd probably still break even, and if this is Gexa's strategy, yeah - fuck off and DIAF.


Fuck you, Texas.
Apparently being an oil state means dirty hippies get an energy tax for not using enough oil, like Good Consumer Amerikans.

Fuck this fucking state.